TV Classic Plus Bridge Universal Mount

  • tv classic plus - bridge - Universal Mount

    This bigger, badder, older sibling to the TV Classic is a bridge position only pickup that packs a mighty punch. Using thinner gauge wire, it saturates quicker with punchy mids but keeps that “classic” Filter’Tron vibe.


    Like a TV Classic but with more attitude, the TV Classic Plus is wound with thinner gauge wire providing slightly rounder top-end and touch of more output. Many players wish for a Filter’Tron that has “more” to it’s sound...this pickup fills that need very well. Installing the TV Classic Plus with a Super’Tron paves the way for some serious Chet Atkins glory (check out his ‘59 Country Gentleman) but is also a wonderful combination that brings out some of the best sounds in our line (and secretly one of TV’s favorite combinations).


    The Universal Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for standard sized Filter'trons - with and without "ears" or “clips”. This pickup comes with two pieces of compression rubber, 2 mounting (wood) screws, and the Universal Mount Clip Pack which includes everything you will need to mount the pickups to your ring or pickguard. Please refer to the Tech Specs tab to learn more.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge (only): DCR - 7.8k / Inductance - 2.83H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with 4-conductor wire but is ready for standard 2-conductor connection. The extra red and green wires come soldered together and taped off - to split coils, send these to ground.

    Splitting coils works well with the TV Classic Plus due to higher coil strength. Additionally, the 4-Conductor wire is convenient for custom switching i.e. pickups combined in series or parallel.

    Helpful Notes

    Filter'tron Replacement: The Universal Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage Filter'trons, HS Filter'trons, Fideli'trons, Mega'trons, Full’trons and any other standard sized 'Trons (including our old No Ears & English Mount). Blacktop Filter'trons require one Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup in order to attach to their stock rings. When replacing Broad'trons and Gretsch-Buckers, you will need a new EM2 Ring.

    Post-2012 Electromatics: One Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup will be necessary to mount our Universal Mount pickups to your stock ring.

    Streamliners: These guitars are made with "Gibson-style" rings instead of standard Gretsch rings. You will want to choose either our EM1 or EM2 Ring to replace these when installing a Universal Mount Pickup (this depends on which style you prefer). If you choose the EM2 Gretsch Style Ring you will also want a pack of Ring Risers.

    Gretsch 5120/5122: New Rings and Ring Risers are necessary for this guitar due to it's high neck angle. You can find those in our Products section.

    Pre-2012 Pro Jets: These will require some specific modification in order to install Universal Mount pickups. You can refer to our Pro Jet Resource Page which is in the Resources section.

    Humbucker Replacement: To replace standard Humbuckers, pair this Universal Mount with one of our EM1 (Gibson-style), EM2 (Gretsch), or EM4 (Fender-style) rings.




Customer Reviews

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Classic and Classic Plus do it agin!

TV Jones pickups are not new to me. However, every time I drop one (or two) in a guitar, the results are always stunning! A combination of a TV Classic at the neck, and a Classic Plus at the bridge has become my favorite combo!


This pick up is AMAZING! And the customer service was excellent
Thank you TV Jones

TV Classic Plus and Supertron Neck Pickups

Replaced the stock HiLo's in my Gretsch 5622T with a TV Classic Plus and a Super'tron neck pick-up set after much research. Honestly, given what is out there on the internet it was kind of a gamble, but in the end, I think I hit bank! Let's start with that I play through a Vox AC30 and without much gain I get a solid tone through both pickups. Deep and jazzy through the Super'tron and solid rock'n from the Classic Plus in the bridge. Both pickups give me an edgy punk rhythmic sound individually, but blended OMG! Garage rock heaven! Turned on my Catlinbread Valcoder, which I pretty much only use as a driver pedal, and all hell breaks loose. In short, if you are looking for a garage rock combo you can't beat this one. I know it was Chet Atkins' favorite combo in like 59 or something in a Nashville, but if you can't afford that and are looking for some superb gigging sound I highly recommend this combo. Plus, you'll dig the Super'tron sound in the neck as I have. Total bottleneck blues beauty! Oh, yeah!


TV Classic Plus Bridge Universal Mount

Always the BEST!

This is my fifth time loading a guitar with TV Jones and I don't think I'll ever get tired of having amazing tone! These went into a Les Paul Traditional and while the Gibson 57's sounded good, the TV Classics are just MORE of everything...from spanky twang to crushing heavy. And honestly they just look so much cooler.