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Thunder'Blade™ Bass Pickups

The steel blades in the Thunder'Blade provide a larger magnetized surface area which in turn creates more inductance. This higher inductance creates a bolder, warmer, and fuller sound - the sound the the Thunder'Blade is known for.


Bold and full with a rounder top end yet with clarity. The Thunder'Blade is great for players who want a rounder sound with definition and is a great choice for motown, jazz, and finger styles especially. The warmest of our 3 bass pickups.

See what Kohlman Bassworks has to say about our Thunder'Blade Bass Pickups. 


Bridge: DCR - 4.8k / Inductance - 2.79H.    --     Neck: DCR - 4.0k / Inductance - 1.74H 





Choose what Thunder'Blade Bass pickup mounting option best suites your bass - DeArmond Mount, Soapbar Mount, or Universal Mount