EM1 Gibson-style Pickup Ring with Mounting Screws

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Length, Width,


3.5 inches
1.75 inches


EM1 Gibson-style Ring

Replacing traditional humbuckers with TV Jones pickups has never been easier. These rings look and mount to a guitar like a Gibson ring, but fit our Universal Mount (Filter'Tron sized) pickups instead. Fits almost all guitars with humbucker routes like Les Pauls, SG's, and more. Comes with one ring and four screws. These rings will not fit PAF-style humbucker pickups.


Note: Original Gretsch Filter'Trons and TV Jones Filter'Trons have a clean 1/4 inch corner radius. Some modern Gretsch-style Filter'Trons are made with more square-like corners and may not fit this ring.


TV Jones EM1 Ring for Gibson-style guitars

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