Official EM5 Gretsch-style Dual Screw Pickup Ring with Mounting Screws

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EM5 Gretsch-Style Pickup Ring with Dual Screws

Whether you call it a ring, bezel, or surround, this EM5 Gretsch-style Pickup Ring will get the job done with style and ease. Straight from the source, these are official Gretsch-style rings that have two screw holes for use with our Dual Screw Mount Adapter (Note: Clear rings are modified by TV Jones.) Fitting perfectly with our Universal Mount and English Mount (Filter'Tron sized pickups), the ring mounts directly to the guitar and the pickup suspends from the ring. Comes with one ring and four stainless screws. (Please click here if you would like to purchase gold screws.)


Note: Original Gretsch Filter'Trons and TV Jones Filter'Trons have a clean 1/4 inch corner radius. Some modern Gretsch-style Filter'Tron pickups are made with more square-like corners and may not fit this ring.


Special Considerations:

Gretsch Ring Info: These rings are made for suspended mount pickups meaning a pickup should attach to them. If you are looking for Gretsch rings to use with wood screw mount pickups, check out our Official Gretsch Pickup Rings.

Gretsch 5120/5122: If installing on a Gretsch 5120 or 5122 Ring Risers are necessary due to the higher neck angle of the guitar (2 for the bridge and 1 for the neck). You can get more info on our Ring Risers here


EM5 Ring Dimensions

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