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- TV-HT™ Guitar Pickup -

The TV-HT is our take on the famed Gretsch HiLo'Tron pickup. This single-coil pickup is made close to the original but with a bit more output in the bridge position. This gives the sound more integrity and push - often what players wanted from the original HiLo'Trons. These pickups are also made to be hum-cancelling in the middle position (when both are on).

- Tone/Characteristics -

Twangy, clanky single-coil goodness with a touch of natural midrange. The TV-HT is designed to produce twangy bass and crisp highs perfect for that old school sound, but also surprisingly cool with a lot of gain (due to its low output and translucent clarity). If you are a player who likes it crystal clear with a nice'n tight bass response (even more so than the TV Classic and Magna'Tron) - these are for you.

 - Output/Power/Position -

Bridge: DCR - 4.3k / Inductance - 1.85H.    --     Neck: DCR - 3.4k / Inductance - 1.22H


Choose what TV-HT guitar pickup that best suits your guitar - Neck or Bridge in the Universal Mount


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TV Jones handcrafts your pickup at the time of order. Please allow up to seven days for your order to ship.

If you require expedited service, please let us know in the notes when you order.