T-Armond Neck English Mount

  • T-Armond - neck - English Mount

    Our version of the original DeArmond 2000 pickups are more controlled in the high frequencies, taking away earth shattering ice-pickiness while keeping that "off-the-rails" attitude that these pickups are known for. Of course, at lower gain levels they sing with unmatched fidelity and clarity. This version of the T-Armond with the proprietary T-Series cover makes it easy to suspend in a humbucker or filter’tron cavity.


    The T-Armonds are in a league of their own with crystal clear highs, bellowing lows, and a tastefully controlled midrange. They perform really well with and without a lot of gain. Some say they sound like tele pickups on steroids.


    The English Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size Filter’Tron style pickups that suspend from a ring. It can also fit in most humbucker routes with the addition of our EM (1, 2, 3, or 4) Ring. This pickup ships with mounting screws and springs for adjustment. To learn more about the English Mount, check out the Tech Specs tab.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge: DCR - 11.8k / Inductance - 4.56H

    Neck: DCR - 7.8k / Inductance - 3.38H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with standard 2-conductor wire.

    Helpful Notes

    Filter'tron Replacement: The English Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size Filter’Tron-style pickups that suspend from rings. Blacktop Filter'trons will require one Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup in order to attach to their stock rings. When replacing Broad'trons and Gretsch-Buckers, you will need a new EM2 Ring.  

    Post-2012 Electromatics: One Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup will be necessary to mount our English Mount pickups to your stock ring.

    Streamliners: These guitars are made with Gibson-style rings instead of standard Gretsch rings. You will want to choose either our EM1 or EM2 Ring to replace these when installing a English Mount Pickup (this depends on which style you prefer). If you choose the EM2 Gretsch Style Ring you will also want a pack of Ring Risers.

    Gretsch 5120/5122: New EM2 Rings and Ring Risers are necessary for this guitar due to it's high neck angle. You can find those in our Products section.

    Humbucker Replacement: To replace standard Humbuckers, pair this English Mount pickup with one of our EM1 (Gibson-style), EM2 (Gretsch), or EM4 (Fender-style) rings.




Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Fabulous products and People

Top drawer all around!!

G5622T Upgrade

This was part of a 2017 G5622T Upgrade TV Classic(neck pup)paired with a T-Armond (bridge pup) and the Tone pot wiring harness.
Install was clean and the "Tone" results are unbelievable !!

Superb quality and customer service!!

Such a great set of pickups, and the TV Jones staff is very friendly and helpful.

Blacktop Upgrade

I bought a set of these for my 5420 hoping to get it to sound more Gretsch-like. These definitely did the trick. The bridge has bite but punch too. The in-between position now sounds like a Gretsch and doesn't turn to mud when adding OD. The neck is simply perfect. It may be my favorite neck pup of all time. I can't think of a better set of pups to put in a Gretsch.

T-Armond Neck Pickup

I have mounted this into a 1996 Gretsch Duojet 6128 in the neck position. I previously installed aT V Jones Filtertron Classic in the Bridge position. Now the guitar has a new life. The stock ceramic filtertrons were decent but I wanted more definition and clarity than they were giving. Once the bridge pickup was installed I was amazed at the difference. Exactly what I was looking for. I wasnt sure about the neck if I wanted to follow suit with the classic Filtertron or something different. I wanted the guitar to be a little more versatile so I took a chance on the TxArmond in hopes that the two would play nice together. Boy am I happy I did. First of all the T series neck pickup is beautiful. No more mud in the clean sounds and lovely tone. Sounds awesome with some dirt as well. The best surprise was the middle position sounds. Awesome tone and I am using the middle position so much more now. Overall, I am super happy with this combination of picks and with the upgrade overall. Bravo TV Jones.
My only suggestion to you would be to post a YouTube video with these two pickups in a guitar. I am sure it would become a popular combination if more people knew how it sounds.
Antony C.