Vibramate V5-TE Saddle Set

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Vibramate V5-TE Slotted Bridge Saddle Set for Telecaster Guitars are designed to work with the Vibramate V5-TE Series Mounting kits and Bigsby vibratos. Each set is custom-slotted utilizing the traditional 3-saddle "ash-tray" configuration and are designed to properly align the strings with the guitar neck of a Telecaster Guitar. The vintage style saddles are made in the USA and feature all Stainless Steel mounting screws and compression springs.

Vibramate V5-TE Saddle Set includes Vibramate custom made intonation screws designed to provide easy access to adjust the intonation on Telecaster guitars that have a Bigsby vibrato installed.Ì´Ì_ The Dual Access screws are adjustable from both ends.Ì´Ì_ Traditional adjustment on the back of the screw using standard Phillips-Head and also now adjustable from the front side using a small Slotted or Blade type technicians screw driver.

Made in the USA and available in either Solid Brass or Stainless Steel.

Set comes complete with 3 Saddles, Adjustment Set Screws and Compression Springs.

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