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The original 3-way toggle switch used on electric guitars since the late 1940's. Military grade, USA-made by Switchcraft. This switch creates a circuit where both pickups are on when in the middle position. Featured on Professional Gretsch guitars. Thread length is 3/16". The use of a washer is not necessary if more threads are needed (as seen on vintage Gretsch guitars). Sold individually.

Note: When replacing an imported (metric) switch, a new switch tip will be necessary. Additionally, guitars with a top thicker than 1/8", or if more threads are desired (with the use of a washer, or a switch hole with chips or splinters), a Deep Sleeve Nut is recommended. The threads on the long switch is 3/16', usually giving plenty of room for the thumb nut (no washer necessary, like seen on vintage Gretsch instruments).
Required Mounting Hole Diameter: 1/2" (12.7mm)

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