Starwood Humbucker - Bridge - No Cover


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Recommended Pot Value:


Starwood Humbucker Bridge Pickup - Humbucker Mount

The Starwood Humbucker is the latest installment to the Starwood Series which is our take on the more popular, traditional Humbucker & Single Coil pickups. Our lightly wound coils help produce more clarity, while the inductance is increased with the use of our proprietary steel pole screws, slugs, and magnet keepers. This version comes with no cover.


The goal was to achieve a musical set of humbucking pickups. With smooth, clear highs in the bridge position, and a no-mud, full-bass tone in the neck position. The result is a workhorse pickup - clear, articulate and punchy - combining all of the best characteristics of a traditional humbucker.



DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

Bridge: DCR - 8.3k / Inductance - 5.06H

Neck: DCR - 7.0k / Inductance - 3.69H


The Humbucker Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any guitar with standard sized humbuckers. This pickup ships with mounting screws and springs for adjustment. 

NOTE: Designed for use with your original humbucker ring. TV Jones rings do not fit humbucker size pickups.

Wiring Notes

This pickup is shipped with 4-conductor wire but is ready for standard 2-conductor connection. The extra red and green wires come soldered together and taped off - to split coils, send these to ground.

Splitting coils works well with the Starwood Humbucker due to higher coil strength. Additionally, the 4-Conductor wire is convenient for custom switching i.e. pickups combined in series or parallel.

Helpful Notes

Humbucker Replacement:The Humbucker Mount is a direct drop in replacement for any guitar with standard sized humbuckers - both the neck and the bridge position have the traditional 50 mm pole spacing. The change in mount does not change the sound of the pickup.

Humbucker Mount Dimensions



TV Jones handcrafts your pickup and wiring harness at the time of order. Generally, orders ship within three to five business days.

If you require expedited service, please let us know in the notes when you order and we will do our best to accomodate your situation.