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- Paul Yandell Duo-Tron™ Guitar Pickup -

Developed with Chet Atkins in mind by master fingerpicker and Chet's best friend, Mr. Paul Yandell. The Paul Yandell Duo-Tron has a unique tonal experience, infusing steel blades and screws as pole pieces in opposite positions on the pickups. This provides exceptional string to string note separation and supplies a whole new character to the sound.

- Tone/Characteristics -

The Duo-Tron's proprietary design combines blades and pole screws to highlight the response of the magnet. The blades provide a bigger note and are well-suited for finger-picking styles. The player won't lose any sensitivity bending the treble strings and will notice a fuller, bolder response that affects both sound - and equally important - feel. The bass side dials in a tone directly reminiscent of Ray's original Filter'Tron - but with a touch more dynamic attack that is a little more focused and rounded.

- Output/Power/Position - 

Bridge (only): DCR - 7.6k / Inductance - 2.97H.    --     Neck: DCR - 4.0k / Inductance - 1.60H


- Paul Yandell Bridge and Neck Videos and Demos - 




Choose what Paul Yandell Duo-Tron guitar pickup that best suits your guitar - Neck or Bridge in the Universal Mount

Paul Yandell Duo-Tron Guitar Pickup

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