TV Classic Plus Bridge Humbucker Mount

  • TV Classic Plus - Bridge - Humbucker Mount

    This bigger, badder, older sibling to the TV Classic is a bridge position only pickup that packs a mighty punch. Using thinner gauge wire, it saturates quicker with punchy mids but keeps that “classic” Filter’Tron vibe.


    Like a TV Classic but with more attitude, the TV Classic Plus is wound with thinner gauge wire providing slightly rounder top-end and touch of more output. Many players wish for a Filter’Tron that has “more” to its sound...this pickup fills that need very well. Installing the TV Classic Plus with a Super’Tron paves the way for some serious Chet Atkins glory (check out his ‘59 Country Gentleman) but is also a wonderful combination that brings out some of the best sounds in our line (and secretly one of TV’s favorite combinations).


    The Humbucker Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard sized humbuckers. This pickup ships with mounting screws and springs for adjustment. To learn more about the Humbucker Mount, check out the Tech Specs tab.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge (only): DCR - 7.8k / Inductance - 2.83H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with 4-conductor wire but is ready for standard 2-conductor connection. The extra red and green wires come soldered together and taped off - to split coils, send these to ground.

    Splitting coils works well with the TV Classic Plus due to higher coil strength. Additionally, the 4-Conductor wire is convenient for custom switching i.e. pickups combined in series or parallel.

    Helpful Notes

    Humbucker Replacement:The Humbucker Mount is a direct drop in replacement for any standard sized humbuckers. The change in mount does not change the sound of the pickup.




Customer Reviews

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Woah x2.

Killer pups with bite and clarity. A really special combination that really compliments the warmth of my SG nicely. These pickups also take fuzz's beautifully; something I was pleasantly surprised to find out! Couldn't recommend these pickups more, they're great!


TV Classic Plus Bridge Humbucker Mount

TV Classic Plus Bridge in Humbucker Mount perfect for SG & Marshall teaming!

I have installed iand played the TV Jones Classic Plus for a couple weeks now in my Gibson SG Special and it simply sounds awesome! I really like the playing dynamics, if I hit the strings harder it jumps and growls like a junk yard dog! Very responsive to my playing whether I attack in riffs and leads or sweetly strum beautiful clean chords and voicings. Sound is a full and dynamic spectrum balanced just right for roaring rock guitar tones. I really like how the sweet mid range of my SG`s mahogany body shines through.Classic Plus provides HD like fidelity! This is a wonderful pickup and I replaced my JB and found Classic Plus to be more alive in sound. I think it is the perfect choice for this guitar. TV Classic Plus has a nice strong output and is a clear voice that sounds great no matter how much gain I cranked on it and it is bell and chime like with clean settings. But the authoritative voice clearly states it is a quality made pickup. By nature it is not exactly a humbucker tone and It`s chime and dynamics give way more clarity and breath than an active pickup, lead notes sing while rhythm riffs are brilliant and thick. But the Classic Plus will go anywhere a humbucker wants to go and more, it will tread that ground. I use drop tunings and I still have amazing clarity and chunkyness! I am playing through a Marshall 100 watt SLP 1959 model with 4x12 cab of 65watt cream back speakers...I am really impressed with how well it mates with my Marshall, sure sounds like they were made for each other! I ordered through the TV Jones website, they made it to order for me as they will for you too! I got awesome service from friendly knowledgeable people, and I received pickups made above expected quality! Give them a call the TV Team will hook you up! It is really a joy to turn up the gain and still have full voiced tone filling the room, tonearrific man! Thank you TV Jones for hitting the tone zone spot on!


Lov the sound! Just what i needed to get the Malcolm Young sound in my gretsch. Only one minus tho, i wish they where waxed cause they are kinda squeaky an mic like when played loud.

a thumb up

Great pickup and great customer service