Tone Pot Harness

  • Tone Pot Wiring Harness

    Electronics tend to be where guitar manufacturers save money and this can lead to faulty or low quality parts in imported guitars. This is why we provide hand-wired Gretsch wiring harnesses with the highest quality parts and craftsmanship to make sure you can get the most out of your rig. TV Jones Wiring Harnesses utilize Switchcraft jacks/switches, CTS 500k pots and Orange Drop capacitors.  If you have a custom request, give us a call and we may be able to accommodate.  Pictured: Short Switch/Split Shaft Pots/Nickel

    Tone Pot Wiring Harness: One pickup selector, one master volume, two independent pickup volumes, one tone pot, and an output jack.

  • Helpful Notes

    Short or Long Switch? If your guitar is thinner than 2 ⅛” then you will need a short switch.

    Split or Solid Shaft Pots? Electromatics, Streamliners, and ‘89 -’03 (pre-Fender) Gretsch guitars will require split shaft pots if you want to keep your stock knobs. Vintage and post-Fender pro-level Gretsch guitars will require solid shaft pots to fit stock knobs. If you are upgrading with our Gretsch or TV Jones knobs then you will need solid shaft pots.

    Fender-era Pro Gretsch: The pro-level Gretsch guitars of the current era already come with quality components like the ones we use. If replacing the harness, you will need solid shaft pots for your stock knobs.

    Metric Pot Replacement: Metric pots (like on Electromatics and Streamliners) generally come mounted into smaller mounting holes (5/16"). These will need to be enlarged to 3/8" with a reamer or small sanding bit to fit our CTS pots.

    Switch Tip Replacement: Electromatics, Streamliners, and ‘89 -’03 (pre-Fender) Gretsch guitars will require a new switch tip with a TV Jones harness. The stock switch tips for these guitars are metric and will not thread onto the new switch.

Customer Reviews

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Major tune-up for my 6120

TV Jones products are simply the best. If you're thinking about purchasing pickups or a tone-pot harness, stop thinking and just do it. You won't regret it.

G5622T Upgrade

This was part of a 2017 G5622T Upgrade TV Classic(neck pup)paired with a T-Armond (bridge pup) and the Tone pot wiring harness.
Install was clean and the "Tone" results are unbelievable ! Note be prepared to enlarge the hole for the pots. I used a "Greenlee" step drill. This make a clean cut without sanding dust.


This would have been great except I think the 3-way switch included with my harness was not the correct switch. It's total physical length is almost too great to fit inside of my guitar. I had a terrible time making it fit. The old switch is much shorter, also the threaded shaft of the new switch is so short it almost didn't fit through the thickness of the wood of the guitar. I may have to remove this item and replace the switch with the old one. There is barely enough thread on the new switch to hold it in place. Everything else on the harness fit and works very well, it's just that switch. Don't know if it was a mistake or if they don't make the shorter switch anymore.

New Harness

Nice harness. Absolutely clean signal and perfect operation. Along with new TVJ pickups, totally transformed my Gretsch 5420. I've never regretted buying the best. There is a reason why TV Jones' products aren't cheap. You get what you pay for. B.C.

Highlt Recommended

Well made and I have had no problems at all. Customer service was very accessible and exceedingly helpful in ensuring that I had the right harness for my Gretsch.