Starwood Tele Neck

  • Starwood Tele - Neck - Traditional Mount

    After years of requests we finally introduced the Starwood Tele in 2016 and it has stayed in our top 5 best sellers since. We strived to make the Starwood Tele a musical pickup. With a large dynamic range and just the right amount of punchy growl when you dig in, these tele pickups will make you wonder why you ever settled for less.


    Using T-Armond guts to add body and spank, these pickups scream classic tele but with a dynamic and transparent top end. Just the right amount of punchy spank - everything you want out of a tele (and more!).


    The Traditional Tele Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size Tele-style pickups. This pickup ships with mounting screws and surgical tubing for height adjustment.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge: DCR - 11.7K / Inductance - 4.05H

    Neck: DCR - 7.4k / Inductance - 2.54H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with standard 2-conductor wire.

    Helpful Notes

    Tele Pickup Replacement: The Traditional Tele Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size tele pickups.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Love this Tele neck pickup! WOW

This tv jones Tele neck pickup is perfect. Exceeded my expectations. Very happy with my purchase.
I only wish I would have bought this pickup first before my bridge pup, because this neck pickup is what I wanna match my bridge pup to, not the other way around.

Tele overhaul

Overhauled a used Fender Tele I got cheap.. well with these pickups you may assume it's the most expensive Tele. Love these pickups.

Customer service after purchase, forget it

I called to have the polarization changed on the pickup first they tried get me to do it myself second time I called they said I didn't need it and I could put up with the noise. I finally called Seymour Duncan and they got right on it and helped. To me customer service is important if I buy anymore pickups for any of my guitars it won't be from TV Jones

We are so sorry for your experience. Customer service at TV Jones is so important to us. We hope everything worked out for you. I would like to know where the information you received came from, so we can improve on our end. Feel free to respond to the email I sent to you. Just in case you are still having trouble: If your new TV Jones Starwood Tele neck pickup is out of phase with an existing pickup (while both pickups are on at the same time) try reversing the polarity of the bridge pickup first. If it is not possible, reverse the black and yellow wires on the Starwood TVJ neck pickup. Black would now be HOT, and yellow would now be GROUND. Next step – very important: On the back side of the pickup there is a small wire that is connected to the tab of the metal pickup cover - it is an extension of the black wire. Clip it, or disconnect it. Otherwise, the pickup cover would become HOT and buzz like crazy when touched.
Tele build

Great pickups!!

Inspiring Tele Neck Pickup

I hardly ever used my neck pickup before putting in this Starwood Tele Neck pickup. To my ears, this neck pickup has a Strat/DeArmond vibe and also the clean tone reminiscent of SRV and Jimi. Very responsive when turning the volume up, even the smallest amount. I put both the Starwood Tele Bridge and the Starwood Tele Neck pickups in my 2014 MIM FSR Tele and must say they have an inspiring tone. The middle position sounds amazing with this combination. It's the only guitar I want to play now.