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  • Standby Switch Wiring Harness

    Electronics tend to be where guitar manufacturers save money and this can lead to faulty or low quality parts in imported guitars. This is why we provide hand-wired Gretsch wiring harnesses with the highest quality parts and craftsmanship to make sure you can get the most out of your rig. TV Jones Wiring Harnesses utilize Switchcraft jacks/switches, CTS 500k pots and Orange Drop capacitors.  If you have a custom request, give us a call and we may be able to accommodate.  Pictured: Long Switch/Solid Shaft Pots/Nickel

    Standby Switch Wiring Harness: One pickup selector, one tone switch, one master volume, two independent pickup volumes, a standby switch and an output jack.

    **Designed for hollow body guitars**

  • Helpful Notes

    Short or Long Switch? If your guitar is thinner than 2 ⅛” then you will need a short switch.

    Split or Solid Shaft Pots? Electromatics, Streamliners, and ‘89 -’03 (pre-Fender) Gretsch guitars will require split shaft pots if you want to keep your stock knobs. Vintage and post-Fender pro-level Gretsch guitars will require solid shaft pots to fit stock knobs. If you are upgrading with our Gretsch or TV Jones knobs then you will need solid shaft pots.

    Fender-era Pro Gretsch: The pro-level Gretsch guitars of the current era already come with quality components like the ones we use. If replacing the harness, you will need solid shaft pots for your stock knobs.

    Metric Pot Replacement: Metric pots (like on Electromatics and Streamliners) generally come mounted into smaller mounting holes (5/16"). These will need to be enlarged to 3/8" with a reamer or small sanding bit to fit our CTS pots.

    Switch Tip Replacement: Electromatics, Streamliners, and ‘89 -’03 (pre-Fender) Gretsch guitars will require a new switch tip with a TV Jones harness. The stock switch tips for these guitars are metric and will not thread onto the new switch.

Customer Reviews

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Not good

I waited to hear back from TVJ before I wrote this, but I have received nothing back from them, so here are the issues
1. Ordered this in gold, received nickel. (paid more for gold)
2. Caps on the tone switch were on the bottom not allowing installation into my guitar
3. Tone switch itself is defective. When in the middle position it is really in the bottom position. I have to stick a toothpick into the switch to keep it in the middle.
4. The pickup purchased had the wire too close to where it mounted. Had to relieve the mount in order to install.
5. No reply from their CS department after 15 days
6. Took over 12 days from order to delivery.

The good. The Brian Setzer bridge pickup installed in my 1962 6120 has an awesome sound.


I made an initial enquiry, from the UK, for a Standby Switch Harness for a Gretsch White Falcon bass and for a pair of Thundertrons. There followed numerous customer care emails from TV Jones to elicit exactly what it was I needed, rather than what I thought I wanted!! This included pro-active advice on fitting, measurements, tips and hints, metric v imperial etc. In short, I was made to feel as if I was the most important customer for TV Jones. The whole buying process from the UK was made easier than travelling to a local luthier. I haven't yet fit the gear supplied as I've been too busy. However, we all know the reputation of TV's products. I cannot recommend this business highly enough! Thank you, Mr (TV) Jones!

Excellent product!

I ordered the standby switch wiring harness to replace the one that was deteriorating in my 1968 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean. Along with a set of TV-HTS and the installation kit, my Tennessean is resurrected in all it's twangy glory. I highly recommend the installation kit. It's a little tedious and required some patience, but I have a hard time seeing how you could get the components installed without it. All in all, the harness is top quality and a huge time saver-the only soldering required is the pickups.

Gretsch classic '60's sound restored!

I have owned a '66 6120 for several years. It has never sounded right. I finally opened the back and found a birdsnest of rube goldberg wiring, and medical tape - yeah that white stuff you dress wounds with... The prewired new, clean pots & switches went in nicely. Finally, the original ftrons deliver that classic Gretsch '60's sound!


Great workmanship and a real time saver!