Modern Tele Bridge Plate

      • Modern Tele Bridge Plate

        TV Jones pickups and Teles are like long lost lovers...anyone who has picked up a Fender Cabronita knows that to be the truth. It’s almost unexplainable but there is something really special about That Great Gretsch Sound exploding out of a slab of wood bolted to a 25.5” neck. Our Tele Bridge Plates are made in the USA out of cold-rolled steel and are specifically designed to fit Filter’Tron style pickups such as our Universal or No Ears Mount. This plate comes with 3 adjustable brass saddles and everything you need to mount.

        This Modern Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 3 holes.

      •  Note: Original Gretsch Filter’trons and TV Jones Filter’trons have a clean 1/4” corner radius. Some modern Gretsch Filter’trons are made with more square-like corners and may not fit this plate.

      • Technical Notes

        Modern vs Original: The Modern Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 3 holes and the Original Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 4 holes.

Customer Reviews

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Nice quality bridge . BUT

Really like it .. BUT you can’t put a Gretsch FilterTron through the opening after the bridge is installed . You have to install the pickup first because the bottom of a FilterTron is wider than the top .. it’s cut for the top .. work around

perfect, almost

Great product, only bridge like it that I could find. Took all the guess work out of where to locate new pickup. and who doesn't like brass saddles? only had to round out the corners a bit to fit my filtertrons


I heard these pickups in a Tele Thinline super Deluxe Telecaster and bought a set and looked for a month before i found a body. Ended up with a squier Telecaster Body I put them in with Custom made wiring harness and a Highway one USA made neck and it’s one of the best Telecasters I’ve ever played and I have 15 Telecasters 12 USA made 2 Japanese made and this one. These pickups are incredible. Every time I tried humbucker pickups in a Telecaster body it sounded like a Les Paul until these. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again

Don't Think Twice...Buy it

This thing works great. I was nervous of intonation since I was switching from a tele bridge with 6 individual saddles, but the intonation is SPOT ON. I'm absolutely thrilled with how well it works. Buy with confidence. TV Jones only makes incredible products.

good stuff.

Great fit and look!