Modern Tele Bridge Plate


$133.62 - $160.34






For 3 Hole Mount Teles


Modern Tele Bridge Plate

TV Jones pickups and Teles are like long lost lovers...anyone who has picked up a Fender Cabronita knows that to be the truth. It's almost unexplainable but there is something really special about That Great Gretsch Sound exploding out of a slab of wood bolted to a 25.5 inch neck. Our Tele Bridge Plates are made in the USA out of cold-rolled steel and are specifically designed to fit Filter'Tron style pickups such as our Universal or No Ears Mount. This plate comes with 3 adjustable brass saddles and everything you need to mount.

This Modern Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 3 holes.


Note: Original Gretsch Filter'Trons and TV Jones Filter'Trons have a clean 1/4 inch corner radius. Some modern Gretsch-style Filter'Tron pickups are made with more square-like corners and may not fit this plate.


Technical Notes

Modern vs Original: The Modern Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 3 holes and the Original Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 4 holes. Get more info on the Original Tele Bridge Plate here.


Modern Tele Plate Dimensions




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