D'Addario XL Electric Guitar Strings






D'Addario XL Nickel electric strings are the "Player's Choice," known for delivering a universally appealing and versatile tone, no matter your playing style.

D'Addario XLs are the standard against which all other strings are measured. Since 1974, XLs have been the world's go-to electric guitar string.

Drawn in-house with high carbon steel wire, XL strings are precision wound for unparalleled consistency. Proprietary Hex-Core innovation ensures perfect intonation, consistent feel, and reliable durability, producing a string which is revered by guitarists everywhere. 

These XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings are their most popular string for a reason. We find they give your guitar a fresh and detailed sound with supreme durability and zero sacrifice. A hexagon shaped carbon steel core is wound in nickel-plated steel which provides ample defense to wear and tear and of course, optimal feel.




EXL120 is a super light gauge set with maximum flexibility and biting tone. 

EXL110 is D'Addario's best-selling set of strings for electric guitar. 

EXL115 is preferred for their moderate flexibility and rich, full tone.

EXL140 is a hybrid gauge set that combines EXL110 for flexibility with heavier 4th, 5th and 6th strings for a more solid low end.


Available in 4 sizes:

  • Super Light - 9-42
  • Regular Light - 10-46
  • Blues/Jazz/Rock - 11-49
  • Light Top/Heavy Bottom - 10-52

TV Jones handcrafts your pickup and wiring harness at the time of order. Generally, orders ship within three to five business days.

If you require expedited service, please let us know in the notes when you order and we will do our best to accomodate your situation.