The Patent-Pending Universal Mount System

Posted by Thomas Jones on 29th Jul 2016

TV Jones Inc. Releases First-Ever Universal Mount®

New, patent-pending design radically simplifies installations and ordering for players across the globe

It is said the simplest things confound the mighty and that greatness is found in simplicity. With that in mind, TV Jones Inc. is proud to announce Universal Mount® - the first of its kind in the pickup industry.

With the release of the TV Jones Universal Mount®, ordering and installations have now been simplified to their very essence, continuing the firm’s long tradition of providing players of all genres and styles with the simplest solutions toward achieving their very best tone.

TV Jones Universal Mount® with Clip System® is available today.

The groundbreaking, patent-pending design combines both the standard “Filter’Tron™ (no ears) and the company’s “English Mount” (for standard humbucker installations) into one housing, allowing TV Jones pickups to now be installed into nearly any guitar without modification.

“This housing is all about making things easier and simpler for everyone concerned,” said Thomas “TV” Jones. “Ordering and installation are now a piece of cake – simply choose your finish and you’ll be good to go. Our Authorized Dealers and worldwide network of Custom Builders are ecstatic about the simplicity the Universal Mount® brings them. We are sure players will appreciate it too.”

TV Jones pickups will now ship with all necessary mounting screws and two “clips,” which are used optionally for humbucker/English Mount installations. The patent-pending TV Jones Clip System® … (see illustration below…)


What is it?
We have invented and patented a mounting system that allows players to install Filter’Tron™-sized pickups into nearly any guitar without modification. Basically it combines our NE Filter'tron Mount and English Mount into one pickup.

How does it work?
Our Universal Mount® pickups have the built-in option to mount with wood screws or suspend from a pickguard or mounting rings. Your new pickups will arrive ready for wood-screw installation, but they'll come with attachable "Clips" that are easy to install using the provided screws and springs. Simply attach the Clip System® and you can suspend them the same way a tradition humbucker is generally mounted.

Will it change the sound?
Not at all. The internal components are exactly the same as they have always been. We have only improved to housing of the pickups to be more convenient.

Will these drop-in a Tele or Professional Gretsch with Filter'trons™?
Yes, they are a direct fit. No modification is required for this type of upgrade.

What will I need to replace my Humbucker pickups?
If your guitar currently has humbuckers installed you will need to attach the Clip System® to your new Universal Mount® TV Jones pickups then suspend them from a new EM1 or EM4 mounting ring. If your stock humbuckers are mounted to a pickguard, you will need to replace the pickguard to avoid an unsightly gap around the pickups.

What will I need to upgrade my Gretsch Electromatic?
Many of the new Gretsch Electromatic guitars will need you to use the Clip System and you may need EM2 mounting rings and a pack Ring Risers or our a Dual Screw Adapters depending on the model of the guitar.

Can I replace a Dogear P90 with these?
You can use the Universal Mount® pickups with the Clip System® to suspend from one of our EM3 Dogear rings to replace Dogear P90s.

Are there any pickups that won’t work with the Clip System?
The Universal Mount® with Clip System® will not work with our T-90 and T-Armond pickups or our Starwood Series Telecaster and Stratocaster pickups.

Why did you make this change?
Over the years there has been a lot of confusion about which mounting option to choose for your particular guitar. This helps eliminate some of the guesswork. This also helps our Dealers know which pickups to stock in order to fit a larger number of guitars.

What do I do with the Clips if I don’t use them?
We recommend you keep them. If you ever want to put your pickups in another guitar, you'll be able to quickly retrofit the pickups.

Will this adapter work with other Filter’Trons?
No, the Clip System® was designed to work with only TV Jones Filter'tron™ pickups. We redesigned our backplates to accommodate the Clip System®. The new Universal Backplate (pat. pending) mounting holes are not at 2.5" apart, like the other filter'tron pickups. They are set narrower. If the Clip System® were somehow mounted, the mounting holes on the Clip that fit to the pickup ring, or pickguard would be set wider apart. Another issue is that there are two tabs on the Clip that fit into small holes on the new Universal Backplate would be in the way. These are here to keep the Clip System® from coming loose or turning once mounted to the backplate.