Gretsch Pro Jet Modification

Posted by Thomas Jones on 12th Sep 2018

Replacing Stock Mini-Humbuckers with TV Classics


We get a lot of calls from folks who want to improve the sound of their Gretsch Pro-Jet by replacing the stock Gretsch mini-humbuckers with TV Jones pickups. The level of difficulty of this mod is somewhat high. Not terribly difficult, but it does require many steps. We’ll go through each step with accompanying photos.

Please note: This mod is for older Pro Jet Models, not models manufactured after 2011

Step 1.
Measure neck cavity depth.
Some of the newer Jet pickup cavities are shallower than other models.
The neck pickup cavity may need to be routed if it is at 1/2″ depth.

Step 2.
Measure the bridge cavity.
With the bridge cavity depth at 7/16″, a short bridge pickup is needed.

Step 3.
If necessary, route the neck cavity to proper depth.

Step 4.
Check the depth of the neck pickup.
The top of the pickup should be level with the pickup ring.

Step 5.
Insert the bottom shim into bridge cavity.
This is needed so the mounting screws have something to bite into.

Step 6.
Screw bottom shims into bridge and neck cavities. Then wire-up your pickups.

Step 7.
Place compression rubber over the bottom wooden shims.
These are needed for fine height adjustment.

Step 8.
Make sure both pickups are centered with both E strings before the
pickup mounting screws are installed.

Step 9.
Use pin vise with .078″ drill to drill pilot holes for mounting screws.
Notice angle of drill bit — Perpendicular to E stings for proper pickup angle.
Screw in the mounting screws.

online store.

What to order:

  • Decide on your pickup model – What tone do you want?
    Choose TV Classic, TV Classic Plus, Super’Tron, TV-HT, Duo-Tron, T-90, T-Armond, Brian Setzer Signature, and Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity.
  • Select Universal Mount – (Special Instructions – SHORT BRIDGE COVER)
  • Select Color of Plating
  • Select the Position – (neck or bridge)
  • Pro Jet Block set – (found in Hardware)
  • Order Gretsch Bezel – (silver is most popular)