All American Parts Handmade in the USA

Posted by Thomas Jones on 6th Jul 2016

A lot of companies nowadays make the claim that their products are "made in the USA," or something similar. American workmanship is known throughout the world for providing the highest value in quality and performance - and maybe nowhere else as in the world of Rock-n-Roll and popular music.

We take great pride in the fact that our company has only used all-American parts, tools and components - and every single one of our pickups are handmade in the USA - since 1993.

It may indeed cost us a bit more to produce arguably the greatest pickups ever made - but to provide players all over the world and in all genres of music - this is a price that we believe must be paid.

We're proud of our customers, we're proud of our products and most of all, we're proud of YOU! Thanks for supporting our company and keep up the hard work!