Adjustments and Schematics

Height Adjustments

Pole Piece Adjustment
We factory set the pole pieces to a slight radius for most of our pickups. We strongly recommend you adjust the body of the pickup first - before adjusting the pole screws. However, if you need to reset the screws on your pickup, start by putting all of the screws all of the way down. If all of the way down is 0 you will want to raise the screws accordingly (.5 is half of a rotation):
Neck Bridge
E - 0
A - .5
D - 1
G - .5
B - 0
E - .25
E - 0
A - .75
D - 1.5
G - .75
B - .25
E - 0
Once you have the poles set, then you can fine tune by making slight changes to the pole screw radius. Again, we strongly recommend you adjust the body of the pickup first, Filter’Trons have much larger magnets than standard Humbuckers so a little bit goes a long way when it comes to height of the pickup body.

Pole Spacing

TV Jones Pole Spacing
Neck Bridge
.380” or 1.9” E-E
.406” or 2.03” E-E

Pickup Wiring

Wiring Schematics

Gretsch Guitar Schematics

Fender Guitar Schematics

Gibson Guitar Schematics

TV Jones Guitar Schematics

Wiring Modifications

TV Jones handcrafts your pickup at the time of order. Generally orders ship within seven to ten business days.

If you require expedited service, please let us know in the notes when you order and we will do our best to accomodate your situation.