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Shown in NE Filter'Tron Mount with gold plating

Punch, Clarity & Responsiveness

Named by Saul Koll of the Koll Guitar Company due to its thunderous bottom-end. The Thunder’Tron is an all-around stand-out performer with superior dynamic sensitivity and punch. String-to-string response is excellent, and notes ring out with supreme fullness and clarity.

Bridge: DC Resistance: 4.7K | Inductance: 1.90H

Neck: DC Resistance: 3.9K | Inductance: 1.56H

TONE / Characteristic:

With more punch and natural clarity. Responsive to touch.


  • Country
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Rockabilly
  • Rock
  • Jazz

LIKENESS / Derived from:

Mini Humbucker Bass Pickups

Mounting Options Available (The tone you want, in nearly any guitar!)

Filter'Tron Mount English Mount DeArmond Mount Soapbar Mount     
NE Filter'Tron Mount English Mount DeArmond Mount Soapbar Mount    
Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions    
  Gibson Ring, Gretsch Bezel, Dog Ear Ring, and Pickguard