Starwood Strat Bridge

  • Starwood Strat - Bridge - Traditional Mount

    Full bodied T-Armond meets classic Strat. We build our Starwood Strat Pickups with some of the same components that we use in our T-Armonds. This gives them a fuller presence while keeping the top end bright with no ice-pick shrillness. The Starwood Series, our take on more popular pickup styles, are made to be musical pickups - not just period/vintage-correct.


    The bridge pickup sparkles with a husky presence (due to our patent-pending steel keeper), while the middle pickup growls with clarity and works almost like a secondary bridge tone. The neck position has explosive dynamics with a wide Q – reminiscent of a large single-coil DeArmond. Of course, position 2 and 4 reveal the quirkiest quack and spank.


    The Traditional Strat Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size Strat-style pickups. This pickup ships with mounting screws and surgical tubing for height adjustment.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge: DCR - 11.2K / Inductance - 4.09H

    Middle: DCR - 7.4K / Inductance - 2.35H

    Neck: DCR - 7.1k / Inductance - 2.19H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with standard 2-conductor wire.

    Helpful Notes

    Strat Pickup Replacement: The Traditional Strat Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for any standard size strat pickups.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Full strat sound

Swapped out what believed to be the best strat pups (custom shop 69's) for these and they have a fuller sound but too much overwound like the Texas special I had at one point. They sound awesome. Get them if you can they are sweet

Amazing pickups

I put these pickups in the first guitar of our new line and was taking a shot at them. The guitar had DiMarzios in it and even though I personally have some guitars with DiMarzios they didn't fit. People loved the guitar but weren't happy with the pickups. Enter TV Jones Starwood pickups. Wow, totally transformed and redeemed the guitar. I wired it up with master vol, master tone and a blend knob. The guitar sold shortly after installation of the pickups. I will be using more of these. They are Stratty with some unique vibe. Probably is the DeArmond pole pieces and wire. String to string balance is perfect. Love me.

Big, Bold and Beautiful!

The Starwood's are fantastic sounding pickups. If you think your strat lacks impact and spank, these will cure your ills! They still have a quack in positions 2 and 4 but have a punch and definition all their own. I paired them with a Seymour Duncan '59 Trembucker in the bridge and they can hang with it. In fact, they sound so good I'm going to order the bridge pickup and ditch the Duncan! This will allow me to have the traditional look I want and the "to die for" tone too.