Router Template Pickguard for Filter'Tron

Laser-cut to perfection, TV Jones Router Templates come in 2 sizes depending on the work you need it for. This specific template is the shape of a standard Filter'Tron, like our Universal Mount, but is meant for routing a pick-guard. The top of a standard FT cover is smaller at the top than the bottom, therefore if you want a nice and tight fit for your pick-guard, this is the way to go.

Ball bearing guide needs to match cutting diameter of router bit (1:1) and use a 1/2" bit.  Available in small (use double stick tape) or large (clamp to guitar). Cut out of .25" acrylic.

Sold individually.
Pictured: Soapbar Mount Router Template

Customer Reviews

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Pickup template

Product is fine. Shipping cost ... not so much! 🙀

Close, but not perfect

My router template was too small to fit a TV Classic pickup into. The tech I spoke with on the phone told me that the tolerances were very tight and I would probably have to sand it a little. Not ideal


This template perfectly fits a standard Filtertron, the results are super tight and very pro. Highly recommend.

My router template is perfect

My router template showed up today and it is super cool. I am almost afraid to use it because it is so pretty. The etched lettering and crystal clear material makes it look like an award or something. I don't know about the rest of these that were sent out but mine is the exact size that it should be. Well done, TV.

Re: Router template too small

I am sorry you had trouble with our router template. The Pickguard Router template has a smaller hole to retain a clean, tight fit around the pickup when it is mounted in the pickguard. The pickup should not fit all the way through the template hole. If it did, there would be a large gap around your pickup. Our pickup covers have a slight draft to them (taper widens towards the bottom of the pickup) part of the manufacturing process. Adding pickup adjustment holes into the template would be a great idea. Thank you for your input!