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Filter’Tron™ Guitar Pickups

What exactly is a Filter’Tron™ pickup, you ask?

Well, a Filter’Tron™ style pickup is a humbucker with a unique design with specific characteristics. Its dual-coil pickup design cancels the hum, and with a large 1/4″ alnico magnet (twice as large as a “standard” PAF magnet) and larger pole screws, the result is a higher inductance (more power – thicker tone). The Filter’Tron’s bobbins are positioned closer together and wound with less magnet wire for less loss of high end. A TV Jones Filter’Tron™ pickup blends ALL of these traditional characteristics with select, specific top-quality USA-made components. This special recipe gives way to an un-parallelled tone, unique to TV Jones guitar pickups.

Choose from the following pickups to get more detailed information (listed brightest to darkest):

English Mount with Dogear ring

Magna’Tron – Clear Tone * No 60 cycle hum

The TV Jones Magna’Tron blends DeArmond-style twang and single coil spank. This special tone is the result of staggered cylinder magnets. The tone is quite aggressive with a quick attack and with exceptional pop and clarity. With two coils there is a hint of compression on the high end and no 60-cycle hum.

NE Filter'Ttron in gold

Shown in NE Mount in gold

TV Classic – Vintage Twang & Growl

The TV Classic captures the vintage twang and growl of a late 1950’s, and early 1960’s vintage Filter’Tron™. The TV Classic, our most popular humbucker pickup, is also our most versatile guitar pickup. The all-around versatility of a TV Classic makes this a great choice for rock, rockabilly, blues, country and more!

NE Mount in Chrome

NE Mount in Chrome

Brian Setzer – Clarity with a punchy low-end

The TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Pickup features a proprietary design, and employs special alloy pole screws that highlight the response of the magnet. This design provides more clarity while producing the punchiest low-end mid response in our Classic line.

Shown in Industrial Velvet

Shown in the English Mount (no ring) with the new Industrial Velvet finish

Duo-Tron – Dynamic and Bold

The combination of blades and special alloy pole screws highlight the response of the magnet. In the neck, blades provide a bigger note and is well-suited for full melody lines. The player won’t lose any sensitivity bending the treble strings and will notice a fuller, bolder response that affects both sound and feel. The bass side dials in a tone reminiscent the original Filter’Tron – but with a touch more dynamic attack that is a little more focused and rounded. The bridge pickup balances well with the neck pickup. Bass notes are bold and full, with a nice compressed snappy tone on the treble side.

English Mount with Modified Gretsch ring

Super’Tron – Clear Classic Tone w/ Smooth Sustain

The TV Jones Super’Tron is a replica of the original early 1960’s prototype design. It is very similar to the TV Classic, but with steel blades instead of pole screws. The blades provide a larger magnetized surface area, producing greater inductance. The resulting tone retains the TV Classic clarity, but with a bold and full broadband punch.

Humbucker Mount in nickel

TV Classic Plus – More Output, More Growl

Great choice if you desire a bridge pickup with more punch – slightly thicker tone. The TV Classic Plus is like a vintage Filter’Tron™ pickup but with extra attitude.

Soapbar Mount with black cover

Power’Tron – Blends Twang, Fatness, Sparkle & Warmth

The Power’Tron was born out of our desire to create a pickup with a stronger midrange presence and higher output than our TV Classic.

English Mount-Gibson-style ring

Power’Tron Plus-Overwound for Even More Power

The collaboration between TV Jones and Billy Gibbons resulted in the development of the Power’Tron Plus. The desire was to create a Filter’Tron-sized pickup with a stronger midrange presence and higher output, while still retaining the famous sparkle and bass-note clarity of our TV Classic!