Original Tele Bridge Plate

  • Original Tele Bridge Plate

    TV Jones pickups and Teles are like long lost lovers...anyone who has picked up a Fender Cabronita knows that to be the truth. It’s almost unexplainable but there is something really special about That Great Gretsch Sound exploding out of a slab of wood bolted to a 25.5” neck. Our Tele Bridge Plates are made in the USA out of cold-rolled steel and are specifically designed to fit Filter’Tron style pickups such as our Universal or No Ears Mount. This plate comes with 6 adjustable saddles and everything you need to mount.

    This Original Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 4 holes.

  • Note: Original Gretsch Filter’trons and TV Jones Filter’trons have a clean 1/4” corner radius. Some modern Gretsch Filter’trons are made with more square-like corners and may not fit this plate.

  • Technical Notes

    Modern vs Original: The Modern Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 3 holes and the Original Tele Bridge Plate mounts with 4 holes.

Customer Reviews

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You guys are the best. Top quality gear, top quality service.

I love TV Jones products, I have many on several guitars, super snappy delivery here to Australia, couldn't ask for more. I will be buying more from you soon. Thanks very much.

"Original Tele Plate"

Oddly enough, the "original" (4 screw) plate comes with a six-saddle bridge while the "modern" (3 screw) plate has three saddles. Almost broke the deal for me, but ... I ordered it anyway and am glad I did! It intonates perfectly and feels great under my right hand. It is solidly made and looks great. I "hot-rodded" a boutique thin line style Tele (Classic Hollow T by Don Grosh) with a set of TV Jones Classics. I love how it turned out - it looks, plays and sounds incredible!

Highly Recommended

Good and solid product. Shipping was also excellent.

Does not fit, wrong size

Replacing strandard Tele bridge and is too narrow. Would like to send back for refund

Great Product

This is a great product. Flawless quality and flawless fit (4 screw version into 2015 50s Baja Tele.) Installation went without surprises. Initial setup, action, intonation, etc was about as straightforward as I could ask for.

The final result looks great, works great, sounds great, and feels great under my palm.

The only complaints I might have are that the intonation adjustment screws are a little too long so restringing is slightly more difficult than it might be. They're M3-0.5x18. I looked around for some suitable M3-0.5x15, but decided to just cut down the existing screws. It's not required, but makes restringing in the dark a little quicker and easier.

One other minor thing: the holes that the strings pass through from below are a slightly smaller than the holes in the body, so restringing is not as smooth and painless as it could be. Next time I have the strings off I'll remove the bridge and hit the holes with a tapered counter sink. not enough to go through, but just enough to make a funnel shape.