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Gretsch Pickup Replacement

Filter'tron Replacement
Our Universal Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage Filter'trons, HS Filter'trons, Fideli'trons, Mega'trons, Full’trons and any other traditional sized 'Trons (including our old No Ears & English Mount). UV Measurements: 1.375” x 2.812” (.75” Bridge and .625” Neck).
Blacktop Filter'trons require one Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup in order to attach to their stock rings.
To replace Broad'trons and/or Gretsch-Buckers, you will need a new EM2 Ring.

Post-2012 Gretsch Electromatics
One Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup will be necessary to mount our Universal Mount pickups to your stock ring.

Gretsch Streamliner
These guitars are made with "Gibson-style" rings instead of standard Gretsch rings. You will want to choose either our EM1 or EM2 Ring to replace these when installing a Universal Mount Pickup (this depends on which style you prefer). If you choose the EM2 Ring you will also want a pack of Ring Risers.

Gretsch 5120/5122
New Rings and Ring Risers are necessary for this guitar due to its high neck angle. 

Pre-2012 Pro Jet
These will require some specific modification in order to install Universal Mount pickups. You can refer to our Pro Jet Resource Page which is here.

DeArmond/Dynasonic Replacement
The DeArmond Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage DeArmonds, Dynasonics, and most other DeArmond 2000 style pickups.  

Note: Replacing Filter’Tron-style pickups with DeArmond Mount pickups is not optimal. You would want out T-Armond in the No Ears or English Mount.

Standard Humbucker Replacement

Humbucker Replacement
There are 2 easy options when replacing your standard sized HBs.

Option #1
Any of our pickups in the Universal Mount along with our EM1 Gibson-style Rings. Our Universal Mount pickups (filter’tron size) are smaller than standard humbuckers, so you'll need to order an EM1 ring or there will be an unsightly gap around the pickup.
The screw holes in the ring may not match up exactly with your stock rings if they are metric, so you may need to fill the old holes with wood glue and a toothpick.  The EM1 rings are slanted and different heights (like Gibson rings) so make sure to get the Tall for the bridge position and the Short for the neck position. If you are replacing humbuckers on a Fender style instrument, you may need our flat EM4 rings. 

Option #2
You can also directly drop in any of our pickups that come in the Humbucker Mount. Our Humbucker Mount pickups are the same size as standard HBs and will fit with ease, although not all of our pickups are offered in the Humbucker mount (mainly just the Filter’trons).

Mini-Humbucker Replacement

Gibson-style Mini Humbuckers
These are generally 1-1/4"wide. Filter'tron pickups (our Universal Mount) are the best choice for replacement but are wider - 1-3/8". Measure your pickup cavities. They should be at least 1-3/8" - if not, some routing may be required. You’ll want the Universal Mount and your choice of Ring.

Gibson-Style Mini Humbuckers in Soapbar Ring
These actually use a P90 Soapbar cover as a Mounting ring. Any pickup available in the Soapbar Mount will fit.

Tele and Strat Pickup Replacement

Replacing standard Tele/Strat pickups with our Starwood Tele/Strat pickups
No mod required, as our the Starwood Strat and Tele pickups are designed to drop right in.

Replacing standard Tele/Strat pickups with other pickups 
Make sure your cavities are large enough to fit the pickups you want - you can find our pickup measurements here.
Get a custom pick guard and/or tele bridge plate. Pickguardian and WD Music have our dimensions on file and make great custom pick guards. We sell our own tele bridge plate which is here.

P90 Replacement

First determine whether your P90 is a "Dogear" or a "Soapbar".

Any of our pickups in the Soapbar Mount will be able to drop in with ease.

Pair our Universal Mount with our EM3 Dogear Ring to replace Dogear style pickups.
If you are replacing pickups not listed here or have any general questions, feel free to call in and ask!
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