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  • Spectra Sonic Supreme

    The Spectra Sonic Supreme comes with a hardshell case and professional set up by Thomas V. Jones himself! Color choices include the brand new Metallic Bordeaux, Metallic Teal, Translucent Scarlet Red and Translucent Charcoal Black. The perfect blend of class and utility! Designed by Thomas V. Jones.


    TV Classics give a sweet and 3-dimensional sound, especially paired with the chambered body. Natural sustain with tight bass response and clarity.

  • Specs

    Body: Single cutaway chambered semi-hollow, w/b/w/b binding on top.

    Body Top: Figured maple 

    Back and Sides: Chambered alder body 15.25" X 1.875"

    Neck: Maple

    Scale length: 24.625"

    Weight: 8 - 8.5 pounds

    Headstock Face: Black with white binding

    Fretboard: Ebony with white binding

    Inlay: Custom TV Jones Shoestring Potato fret markers and a TV Jones pearl logo on headstock

    Width at nut: 1.687" - Delrin material

    Width at end of Fingerboard: 2.25"

    Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer

    Frets: 22 frets, medium wire

    Tuners: Sperzel non-locking #1 buttons

    Bridge: Tokiwa ABR-1, brass saddles

    Tailpiece: Bigsby B-12 vibrato

    Pickguard: 3 ply pearloid / black / white

    Plating: Chrome

    Pickups: TV Jones TV Classics

    Wiring Harness: Switchcraft pickup selector, CTS 500K master volume, CTS 500K master tone, .022 uF Cap

    Strings: D'Addario 10-46

































Customer Reviews

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Wonderful instrument.

This is my second SSS. The build quality is flawless. I'm not sure but it seems the neck may be factory plekked. It's that good.


Love the guitar!!!! Period!!!!

Much More Than You Could Imagine

I got this guitar because of my outstanding experience with the Baritone C Melody Spectra Sonic Supreme. I was not disappointed. I own -- and have owned -- many hollowbody and semi-hollow body guitars because I love that kind of tone. I've always struggled to find the right solid top guitar with a chambered body; many just don't sound right. This guitar has superb chambered-body tone. It has the best mix of acoustic-like tone, punchiness, clarity, and warmth. By the looks of the guitar and from the many videos available, you might think it is a rockabilly and rock style guitar primarily. However, I have gotten some of the best jazz tones I've ever achieved with this instrument because of the chambering and the pickup combination. It does clean, crunchy, and distorted all extremely well. I doubt there is a a guitar style or sound that it could not do. I'm extremely impressed with the workmanship and overall, this is just a wonderful instrument. I'm extremely happy and doubt I'll find another that will surpass it anytime soon.

A New Addition to the Guitar Hall of Fame

Some months ago, I wrote to the TV Jones site to inquire if I could get a Spectra Sonic Supreme fitted with a pair of T-Armond pickups. After an enlightening and congenial exchange of emails with Tom himself, I was convinced that the particular sound I presently wanted from an SSS could be best attained with his refined version of this single-coil pickup. I should say that I have no aversion to the TV Classics that are standard with the SSS. Ive actually never heard them in any guitar, though I hope one day to purchase these pickups, more than likely in another SSS. At the time in question, however, I wanted a guitar that had the sound which only a guitar with the specs of a SSS and a set of T-Armonds could possibly fulfill. What I mean to say is that I was seeking a guitar with the kind of definition across the sonic spectrum of its strings that I associate with single-coil pickups. This especially applied to the lower strings, since I favor a clean sound with a highly articulated bass response. My T-Series Spectra Sonic Supreme gave me that and more. It put together a number of sounds that I needed several other guitars to achieve, and even improved on those. Plus it had a Bigsby. While its listed among the specs of the SSS on the TV Jones site as a B-11, Ive read in numerous reviews that its a B-12, which resembles a B3 and B11. It does seem to be a B-12, but whatever the case, it suits this guitar perfectly and the strings are kept in incredibly good tune by the Delrin material used for the nut. In addition to these features, as well as those cited in the previous reviews, Tom informed me that the neck was a 10 compound radius. For me, this was a huge plus, since Ive always preferred necks with 9.5 radius necks over those with a radius of 12 or more, though I own and love some of those, too, and this wouldnt have affected my decision to purchase the instrument. But for me this was just another feature that made the Spectra Sonic Supreme close to the ideal gui...

A "Must Have" Guitar

Ever since I started playing professionally I've been a Tele player, but I've always loved the look and sound of both "G" brand hollow body guitars. I could never find another type of guitar that I was 100% comfortable playing until I picked up my Spectra Sonic. Every modification I made on my hollow body guitars is a stock feature on the Spectra... And the Spectra Sonic blow them all away. High quality parts, great finish work, great fret work and of course great pickups! Not only is this the best feeling guitar I've ever played in its category, but the best sounding as well! I play almost every style imaginable on this guitar and it does it all perfectly. I never would've thought Alder is the perfect wood for Filter'Tron pickups But lucky for us, Tom did! I'll always be a Tele player, but I'll always equally be a Spectra Sonic player as well.