TV Classic Plus Bridge DeArmond Mount

  • TV Classic Plus - Bridge - DeArmond Mount

    This bigger, badder, older sibling to the TV Classic is a bridge position only pickup that packs a mighty punch. Using thinner gauge wire, it saturates quicker with punchy mids but keeps that “classic” Filter’Tron vibe.


    Like a TV Classic but with more attitude, the TV Classic Plus is wound with thinner gauge wire providing slightly rounder top-end and touch of more output. Many players wish for a Filter’Tron that has “more” to it’s sound...this pickup fills that need very well. Installing the TV Classic Plus with a Super’Tron paves the way for some serious Chet Atkins glory (check out his ‘59 Country Gentleman) but is also a wonderful combination that brings out some of the best sounds in our line (and secretly one of TV’s favorite combinations).


    The DeArmond Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for standard sized Dynasonic/DeArmond 2000 style pickups. This pickup comes with two pieces of foam shims for height adjustment. DeArmond Mounting Screws are sold separately if necessary. Please refer to the Tech Specs tab to learn more.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge (only): DCR - 7.8k / Inductance - 2.83H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with 4-conductor wire but is ready for standard 2-conductor connection. The extra red and green wires come soldered together and taped off - to split coils, send these to ground.

    Splitting coils works well with the TV Classic Plus due to higher coil strength. Additionally, the 4-Conductor wire is convenient for custom switching i.e. pickups combined in series or parallel.

    Helpful Notes

    Dynasonic/DeArmond Replacement:The DeArmond Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage DeArmonds, Dynasonics, and most other DeArmond 2000 style pickups.

    Filter'tron Replacement: Replacing Filter’Tron-style pickups with DeArmond Mount pickups is not optimal.

    Mounting Screws: DeArmond Mounting screws are sold seperately because most people use the ones already on their guitar. If you need new or extra screws, you can find them in our products section.




Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Classic plus DeArmond Mount

Perfect turn key replacement on my Duo Jet. Increased clarity and rocks more now.

Just great!

mounted on a 6129SW in combination with a Supertron in the Neck. Love the combinations. Somewhat higher output than Classics but still sounding nice and open. Mounted a treble bleed cap on the master vol.

TV Classic Plus Bridge DeArmond Mount Purchase

Ordered online with great communication with tracking details , fast shipping as advised and I couldn’t be happier with the tone now that’s it’s installed. TV Jones thank you, my Gretsch is alive again


Fast delivery to the UK. Filtertron Classic plus and Supertron. Easy drop in D- mount. Both sound fantastic!

Tu Classic plus amazing!!!!

Very very happe with tv Jones ! I gave several Guitars with tv Classic and wanted toi put one un bridge position of my Gretsch 6120 Eddie Cochran. Customer service told me to put a classic plus! Good choice! Match perfectly with the p90 in neck position. Articulate, no hum! It changed my guitar in a very very good way for my taste!