TV Classic Neck Universal Mount

  • TV Classic - NECK - Universal Mount

    The pickup that started it all - the TV Classic captures that vintage twang and growl characteristic of the late 1950’s Filter’Tron. Originally designed from an analyzed 1959 “Pat. Applied For” Filter’Tron, the TV Classic is our most popular and most versatile pickup. Popularized and played by many different artists ranging from John Mayer to Brian Setzer.


    Between a typical Fender (bright single-coil) & Gibson (darker & thick humbucker) with a unique growl when you dig in. Clean, compressed treble and mids breath life over a tight and controlled low-end.


    The Universal Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for standard sized Filter'trons - with and without "ears" or “clips”. This pickup comes with two pieces of compression rubber, 2 mounting (wood) screws, and the Universal Mount Clip Pack which includes everything you will need to mount the pickups to your ring or pickguard. Please refer to the Tech Specs tab to learn more.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge: DCR - 4.8k / Inductance - 1.83H

    Neck: DCR - 4.0k / Inductance - 1.4H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with 4-conductor wire but is ready for standard 2-conductor connection. The extra red and green wires come soldered together and taped off - to split coils, send these to ground.

    Splitting coils is generally not recommended for this pickup due to low coil output but some say it works well to their taste. 4-Conductor wire is also convenient for custom switching i.e. pickups combined in series or parallel.

    Helpful Notes

    Filter'tron Replacement: The Universal Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage Filter'trons, HS Filter'trons, Fideli'trons, Mega'trons, Full’trons and any other standard sized 'Trons (including our old No Ears & English Mount). Blacktop Filter'trons require one Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup in order to attach to their stock rings. When replacing Broad'trons and Gretsch-Buckers, you will need a new EM2 Ring.

    Post-2012 Electromatics: One Dual Screw Mount Adapter per pickup will be necessary to mount our Universal Mount pickups to your stock ring.

    Streamliners: These guitars are made with "Gibson-style" rings instead of standard Gretsch rings. You will want to choose either our EM1 or EM2 Ring to replace these when installing a Universal Mount Pickup (this depends on which style you prefer). If you choose the EM2 Gretsch Style Ring you will also want a pack of Ring Risers.

    Gretsch 5120/5122: New Rings and Ring Risers are necessary for this guitar due to it's high neck angle. You can find those in our Products section.

    Pre-2012 Pro Jets: These will require some specific modification in order to install Universal Mount pickups. You can refer to our Pro Jet Resource Page which is in the Resources section.

    Humbucker Replacement: The Super'tron is not offered in our Humbucker Mount. To replace standard Humbuckers, pair this Universal Mount with one of our EM1 (Gibson-style), EM2 (Gretsch), or EM4 (Fender-style) rings.




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Build in process

TV Jones was very responsive which is greatly appreciated. I’m in the process of building the greatest guitar in the history of the world! Needed help with measurements and TV was ready to help. I can’t wait to hear the results. 2 months away!

Beyond xlnt beyond normal Pups

Only pups that truly make me happy in all ways all the time .

Hello TV Classic Neck & TV Classic Plus Bridge Pickups, Goodbye Mini Humbuckers.

Hello TV Classic Neck & TV Classic Plus Bridge Pickups, Goodbye Mini Humbuckers.
The TV Classic Neck and the TV Classic Plus pickups were just what my 2oo8 Gretsch Anniversary Model Pro Jet needed to cut through the fray and density of a five-piece cover band. They sound clear, powerful and raunchy if need be. Since my Pro Jet Model only has a single Master volume & a single Master Tone and a three-way switch, the wiring was relatively simple. all of the solderings was at the switch. The mounting of the pickups required a bit of Dremel work because I decided to use wood screws right through the mounting holes in the pickup into the body of the original routings from the factory. Rather than the Universal Mount (clips) which would have raised the pickups too high relative to the guitar strings...The only problem was the wood screws that came with the Pickups were too short and would have pulled the pickups down too far away from the strings. I needed screws that were #4 1&3/4". I had to settle for #6 1&3/4'. With compression rubber under the pickups, I was able to get the height relative to the strings perfect The whole project turned out Great.

TV Jones Classics in Gretsch 5422TG

I recently purchased one of the few G5422TG Electromatics with a natural finish & flame maple top. The guitar played great once properly set-up, but its voice just felt a bit thin compared to the better Gretschs I have played over the years. I decided to upgrade the pickups to TV Jones Classics, and it has made all the difference. These pickups are slightly warmer than the current Gretsch "Black Top” pickups with no hint of the ‘thin’ sound the stock guitar presented, while retaining all the chime I was looking for in the first place. The TV Classics were the perfect upgrade for my Gretsch.

Sophisticated sound

I replaced the cheap pickups in a Chinese made 335 style guitar. These pickups have made a world of difference. Greater volume, presence and clarity. A little reverb really makes the TV Jones pickups sing!