TV Classic Bridge DeArmond Mount

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  • TV classic - bridge - DeArmond Mount

    The pickup that started it all - the TV Classic captures that vintage twang and growl characteristic of the late 1950’s Filter’Tron. Originally designed from an analyzed 1959 “Pat. Applied For” Filter’Tron, the TV Classic is our most popular and most versatile pickup. Popularized and played by many different artists ranging from John Mayer to Brian Setzer.


    Between a typical Fender (bright single-coil) & Gibson (darker & thick humbucker) with a unique growl when you dig in. Clean, compressed treble and mids breath life over a tight and controlled low-end.


    The DeArmond Mount is a direct drop-in replacement for standard sized Dynasonic/DeArmond 2000 style pickups. This pickup comes with two pieces of foam shims for height adjustment. DeArmond Mounting Screws are sold separately if necessary. Please refer to the Tech Specs tab to learn more.

  • Output/Power

    DC Resistance is not entirely an indicator of true pickup output, although it can be helpful.

    Bridge: DCR - 4.8k / Inductance - 1.83H

    Neck: DCR - 4.0k / Inductance - 1.4H

    Wiring Notes

    This pickup is shipped with standard 2-conductor wire.

    Helpful Notes

    Dynasonic/DeArmond Replacement:The DeArmond Mount is a direct drop in replacement for Vintage DeArmonds, Dynasonics, and most other DeArmond 2000 style pickups.  

    Filter'tron Replacement: Replacing Filter’Tron-style pickups with DeArmond Mount pickups is not optimal.

    Mounting Screws DeArmond Mounting screws are sold seperately because most people use the ones already on their guitar. If you need new or extra screws, you can find them in our products section.




Customer Reviews

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TV Jones Classics

Oh BOY!!! Thank YOU T.V. Jones, best sounding pick-ups ever! No hum, punchy and clear with the typical "Filtertron" smoothness with no harsh overtones. Just pretty is all...
I think T.V. might be in league with the devil, he's got some kinda' voodoo or somethin' goin' on. I'm definitely buying more.

TV classics replace Dynasonics on Duo Jet

Good price, good customer service, arrived quickly. Easy installation. They sound great.

TV jones Classic

Brighter & like sound better than stock De Armond. Would have liked an explanation on how to wire these. I changed the wiring other than what the original . Hope This is best way.

TV jones Classic Bridge

Brighter ,I like better than the original De Armond. Wish I had more of explanation on how to wire these.

Excellent. Highly Recommend !!!

I changed the Dynasonic (single coil) pickups (bridge and neck) on my Gretsch 6120 DSV with TV Jones TV Classic DeArmond mount and I'm very very happy, the sound is simply amazing and I had no problem to install the new pickups. Thank's to the TV Jones team for the great job and also for the fast delivery to France !!!