Introducing an all-American made answer to the modern DynaSonic/DeArmond pickup. The TV Jones T-Armond uses all American-made magnets and an improved design that makes this pickup look and sound much better than a modern DeArmond. With adjustable cylinder magnets, each string can be dialed in for the perfect, sweet DeArmond tone.

Many players of modern DynaSonic pickups complain that the neck pickup has too much output and is too boomy, and the bridge pickup is too thin and bright. Our answer is the T-Armond, which has a clear, transparent and balanced tone in the neck position and a thicker sounding bridge version that has wider pole spacing, which places a magnet directly under each string, resulting in optimum string separation and output. Traditional DeArmonds (as well as most pickups) have the same pole spacing at the neck and bridge. All TV Jones bridge pickups are designed with this wider pole spacing and the T-Armond is no exception.

Another innovation is the T-Armond in a P-90 soapbar mount. You can now replace a stock P-90 with a DeArmond style pickup without having to modify your guitar. A really cool combination is a P-90 in the neck and T-Armond in the bridge. This combo can add unmatched versatility and texture to your guitar.

The T-Armond comes with 2-conductor “switchable” wiring to solve any out-of-phase issues, and is available in Chrome, Nickel and Gold cover. Click Here to order.

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  1. So if I were to replace the DeArmond pickups on my Gretsch Historic G3140 with two T-Armonds, and then select both pickups, do I get the benefit of a humbucking arrangement as I would with a pair of Hi-Lo Trons?

  2. If you wired them so the middle position the pickups were in serial, then, yes, you would. Same as any other single coil.

    What I want to know is: Will one of these spectacular pickups be available in a dogear P-90 setup? I’ve already got a pair in my Duo Jet, and I’m trying to find other places to use them They’re that good!

    And I’ve got the clips, before & after with the original Gretsch Dynasonics, to prove it.

  3. If I wanted to put this in the neck of my tele, as it screws directly to the body, will there be enough string clearance? And what is the spacing? can I screw it directly onto the pickguard? I know they are used on the telesonic…but that it has no pickguard.

  4. You could put it in the neck position with the P-90 mounting option (the black pickup in the photo above) but not the traditional Mount. You would route out the hole in the pickguard and mount it to the body of the guitar.

  5. Hello there from Switzerland!

    I own a 5129, with DeArmond 2000s, and find them quite good. I play LH, and those 3 knobs (tone & p/u vols) were always getting in my way, and pretty useless as well. So I had them all removed – pots & all – and had the p/ups re-wired direct to the master vol + p/up selector, à la ‘Hot Rod’, and the sound’s improved!! Anyway, if T-Armonds are supposed to be better than the Dynasonic, then how different would my 5129 sound, compared to the (stock) 2000s?

    I’ve also recently acquired a 6120SHATV – that is, with the (infamous) TV Classics, and am very pleased with them. I like to play all styles from Lennon to J Marr (in clean) to Poison Ivy or Pete Koller (in fuzz/OD) – do I really need a ‘Bridge Plus’…?

    Any help would be much appreciated!!


  6. sound clips please!

  7. I would like to put those T-Armonds on my ’99 Setzer Hot Rod, u think could work fine?

  8. I have an historic series gretsch whose dearmonds that are very noisy , I mean terrible . It is currently in the shop getting some extra sheilding . I don’t know if this will help that much . Will T-Armonds be less noisy and why ?

  9. The dearmonds on my historis series gretsch are too noisy I mean bad . Presently it is being
    worked on to improve the internal sheilding . I don’t know if this will help but worth a try.Are T-As less noisy and what improvments were made over my Korean? made Dearmonds?Also
    I would like to swap my tv filtertrons on my 6120 for T- armonds do you have them in gold and would you take my filtertrons in a trade in ? they are only 2 months old .

  10. Will the T-armonds fit in to the cavity of a 5120?

  11. Hey guys! I’m trying to find out if the T-Armonds like 500K pots or 250K. I want to put them in my JA-90 tele but I want to order the pots if I need them.


  12. I’d like to put the T-Armonds in my 3 pick-up Hamony Rocket. This is a reissue Harmony Rocket with toaster type pickups which look like Rickenbauker type pickups. Would the T-Armond pickups fit in the current setup? I could send a picture of the guitar it that would help.

  13. Will these fit in my telesonic?


  14. Pair these with a mxr carbon copy and a Framus Ruby Riot, better than a good pie.

  15. Are T-Armonds available with a EM-1 mount?

  16. Are these direct drop-in replacements for stock filtertrons in a new Sparkle Jet?

  17. [...] 129 Originally Posted by Petey D Gretsch has always done right by green imo. That is a very nice Duojet indeed. Not sure about those Dearmond style pick ups though, what are they like? Anybody know? Those are the Grestch Dynasonics. TV jones makes some nice replacements if you don't like the stock ones :-) TV Jones T-Armond Pickup is Here! The American-Made DeArmond | TV Jones Guitar Pickups Blog [...]

  18. Any chance of a 7 string version?

  19. Is there a 7 string version of this?

  20. When is the T Armond in the Filter’Tron mount going to be released?

  21. No 7 string version…. The best option for a 7 string at this time is a Super’Tron.

  22. Maybe one day in the distant future….anything is possible.

  23. T-Armonds are not available in a Filter’Tron mount just yet.

  24. Not yet… it is in the works.

  25. It’s in the works and on the list, but we don’t have a firm release date yet.

  26. I would like you to build both antique replacement Dynasonic pickups from the Chet Atkins 50′s Gretsch and with the original twang sound that Chet had. I want to install them in my 1973 Country Gentleman. You would have to change the drilling pattern for the mounting holes to match the Filtertron holes. Both of my Filtertrons are the same height, approximately 3/4 of an inch from the metal base to the top plastic. They would be gold plated. If you can make them for me after that I would like to send you both of my Flitertrons to be rebuilt. My 1973 Country Gentleman was made in Arkansas and the entire guitar was built to substandard quality and the Filtertrons sound like a standard Gibson humbuckers which makes me think that the coils are not wired correctly. I was told that the coils have to be out of phase and in series. You would know better than me. Please let me know if you can do all of this for me. Ric

  27. I have an Electromatic Double Jet with Mini Humbuckers. I would like to switch the bridge pick-up to a single coil. Would the T-Armond fit my guitar? Is mixing a single coil with a double coil in the same guitar going to cause me any problems? I love the neck Mini-Humbucker.