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Shown in Universal Mount with Dogear ring

Modern Twang for the 21st Century

The TV Jones Magna’Tron blends DeArmond-style twang and single coil spank. This special tone is the result of staggered cylinder magnets. The tone is quite aggressive with a quick attack and with exceptional pop and clarity. With two coils there is a hint of compression on the high end and no 60-cycle hum.

Here is a great example of how the Magna’Trons sound in a Gretsch 6120 – compared to stock Gretsch Filter’trons:

Bridge: Features two extra-tall coils with wider pole-to-pole spacing - provides a good balance of output and clarity.
DC Resistance: 8.0K | Inductance: 2.92H

Neck: Smaller coils with less magnet wire result in a sweeter and clearer tone.
DC Resistance: 4.8K | Inductance: 1.24H

TONE / Characteristic:

Bright and sensitive with less inductance. Tight, clear bass response with dynamics. Similar to single coil tone


  • Surf Music
  • Rockabilly
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Country

LIKENESS / Derived from:

TV Classic but with more clarity
DeArmond style tone


Mounting Options Available (The tone you want, in nearly any guitar!)

Gretch Style Mount Humbucker Mount DeArmond Mount Soapbar Mount  
Universal Mount Humbucker Mount DeArmond Mount Soapbar Mount  
Dimensions PDF Dimensions PDF Dimensions PDF Dimensions PDF  

Artists Who Use this Pickup:


  • Brian Setzer – Spectra Sonic C Melody Baritone neck pickup