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About our pickups

The TV Jones Difference

Brian Setzer

“Every one of my guitars, old and new, is outfitted with a TV Jones pickup.” ~Brian Setzer

TV Jones guitar pickups and bass pickups were designed to get the most out of your instrument. Every component used in each of our pickups was chosen for a reason – to get the BEST possible tone. We use our own USA made parts, found by experimenting with many different materials, and use the parts we determined to be superior compared to other parts available in the marketplace. Each TV Jones pickup is made by hand in the USA and designed according to the strict specifications by legendary pickup engineer, Thomas V. Jones.


We analyzed the Filter’Trons’™ thick, late 1950’s alnico magnet and reproduced them especially for use in almost all of our guitar pickups. The only exceptions are our T-90 (our flavor of the P90) neck guitar pickup, and the guitar pickups that use cylinder magnets for pole pieces. We also use this same magnet for most of our bass pickups, except for our Thunder’Mag – which uses oversized cylinder magnets. We found the original magnet manufacturer that supplied magnets for the original vintage Filter’Tron™ pickups and deal directly with them.


We manufacture our own pole screws here in the USA. Different alloys are used for different tonal variations. Our Super’Tron and Thunder’Blade use our custom made blades instead of pole pieces or screws.

Bobbin Design:

All TV Jones bridge bobbins have a slightly wider pole-to-pole width to aid in centering the pole screws under the guitar strings in the bridge pickup position. The result is optimum string separation and output. Our neck pickups have a narrower pole-to-pole width. Most factory-made pickups have the same pole-to-pole spacing for the neck and bridge positions.


To improve pickup balance, our bridge pickups are designed to have more power (being that neck pickups already have the advantage of more string energy due to their position on the guitar.)

Micro-phonic Feedback:

All TV Jones pickups are lightly wax saturated to help eliminate micro-phonic feedback.

Hardware Included:

Pickups come with mounting screws and complete installation instructions (for De’Armond mount – you can use your existing screws). Our pickups are engineered to fit almost any guitar. Upgrading your pickups is a cost-effective way to customize the sound of your guitar vs. the purchase of a new guitar. Like the FEEL of your guitar but not the TONE? Check out the TV Jones difference – you may just fall in love with your guitar all over again!